summer storm

By on 8-07-11 in this just in

Before that big thunderstorm the other day, the one that brought the cotton ball clouds, I managed to get a few shots of the storm rolling in.

First, it got a little dark:

 Then it got a lot dark:

That’s quite the contrast between the brightish sky to the east and the clouds overhead, isn’t it? Keep in mind that this was mid-afternoon.

And then this rolled in:

 The bright areas within the clouds are lightning. The accompanying crack of thunder sent me scurrying inside where two small dogs and a snotty cat, all spooked by the storm, tried to claw their way to the top of my head. Whether I was safer inside or outside is debatable.




  1. Whoa. Did you have to duck to not get him on the head by those clouds?

  2. Yeah, they were so dark and low and massive, I thought, ‘Well, the alien ship has finally arrived.’

  3. OH the Monday storm that one was scary!