my mourning dove friend

I went bustling out onto the deck this morning to give a little pep talk to my lettuce and spinach seedlings and came face to face with this beauty:

The mourning doves are usually pretty skittish, but this lovely lady (I’m pretty sure she’s a lady, but I could be wrong) let me get within touching distance. Not that I did.

Look at that colouring! Gorgeous.

my first hooked rug

The March midday sun is a bit harsh here; it’s prettier in person.

This was another partially finished project that had been sitting around for years, making me feel guilty about my lack of perseverance. In this case, finishing it meant ripping out everything I’d done and starting over, so it was in fact more ‘beginning a new project’ than ‘completing an old one’, but whatever. At least I didn’t shove the whole thing back into the closet.

I’ve always had this weird hang-up that others are allowed to make purely decorative pieces, but my crafting has to be practical, and it’s a waste of time and materials if the finished object isn’t wearable or functional. But working on this unabashedly useless object helped me get over that. It’s nice to look at and that’s enough. I think I’ll soon start another.

ripple scarf

Recently, I came across a bag stuffed full of half-finished projects I’d abandoned for one reason or another and instead of shoving it back where I’d found it and forgetting about it for another five years, I resolved to either rip out or finish each and every single item. This is progress.

First out of the bag was this ripple scarf, which needed another, oh, six feet or so. The labels were long gone, but I’m pretty sure it’s a Fleece Artist hand-painted wool, mellowed out with alternating stripes of some anonymous black wool.

Taking decent photos of knitwear is hard.

freezing rain Friday

In keeping with this winter’s orderly scheduling of storms on weekends only, it is indeed crudding prodigiously out there. It’s been freezing rain for hours now and is supposed to continue throughout the day and into tomorrow morning so you know what that means. The power outage map shows outages creeping our way so it’s time to heat some lunch while I still can.

I’m not the only one anticipating an afternoon off: