a poncho for me

This is why photos in magazines are created by a team of stylists, lighting experts and professional photographers with good equipment.

I made simple ponchos for the girls when they were little, but I’ve never made one for myself. I think they’re the kind of thing that only look decent if you’re tall and willowy, which I most decidedly am not, but I’ve been wanting something quick and easy to throw on when I’m at my desk and throw off again when I do something more active.

Note for future me if I want to make another: this took three skeins of Lion Brand Homespun. I used 5.5 mm needles for a fairly firm fabric that I hope will help resist drooping from gravity. You will know if this worked.

a sweater for Anna

Knit from a pattern I will not name because it had issues.

After having to make a million modifications, I have finally finished this cabled yoke sweater for Anna. It’s seriously overcast today (good for my head, not so good for photos) so the yarn isn’t showing itself to be the pretty green it is in real life, but this photo is better than nothing. I’ve given away so much over the years, either forgetting to get a picture first or naively thinking I’d get a picture of it being worn/used later, and now have nothing to show for it. I’m trying to do better.

wool, glorious wool

Foster's new mittens

Look! I remembered to take a photo of the mitts I made for Foster before they became filthy and soaked. It was close, though; he was on his way out when I screeched, “WAIT!”

When I think of all the knitwear I’ve doled out over the years without ever thinking to take a photo first…sigh. Oh well.

And look again!

Foster hiding behind new mittens

Bonus shot of his new hat. I’m finally learning.