my baby is nine

On June 5, Charlotte turned nine:

 Not nine days, not nine months – nine years. I’m not really sure where those years went.

Oh, wait. Laundry. Yes, that would be it. Laundry and dishes.

She is our girl of many faces, the drama queen, the ham:

Always entertaining.

Foster drew a picture of Jessie from Toy Story on a card for Charlotte:

 Jessie, a spunky cowgirl, is one of Charlotte’s favourites, which pleases me because she is the antithesis of airhead ‘fashion’ dolls. And yes, he drew Jessie free hand.

Anna needle felted a letter C:

That stands for Charlotte.

(You’re welcome.)

And at risk of getting my butt kicked by my photo-averse mother, here is the birthday girl with her Jam:

 Gah, so sweet.

Happy birthday, my baby.



2 thoughts on “my baby is nine”

  1. The kids are all growing up too fast and looking so grown up. I’m sure we’ll see quite a change in them when they come next month. I have to admit I’m glad Foster and Charlotte are still shorter than me .. they’re the only ones who are and I am sure it won’t be for long. Foster is a very good artist.

  2. Foster and Charlotte are getting there, that’s for sure. Anna was a smidgen shorter than me when we measured last month, but I’m sure she’s caught up, if not surpassed me, now. Her feet are bigger than mine, so I hope she has another few inches of height to go.

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