photos for my forthcoming WFPB* cookbook

*whole food plant-based, duh

  • Me handing a Mason jar of extremely green smoothie to my adoring, supportive and not-grossed-out husband
  • Me strolling through a farmer’s market, a basket filled with leafy things hanging jauntily from my arm
  • Me laughing uproariously with a farmer at his stall
  • Three heirloom tomatoes lined up on my kitchen windowsill
  • Me coasting on an old-fashioned bicycle with my legs stuck straight out
  • Me kissing my dog
  • Sliced avocados
  • Me laughing merrily while making s’mores (homemade graham crackers and marshmallows with organic, free trade chocolate) around a campfire with my perfectly coordinated children
  • Whole avocados
  • Me sipping iced green tea through a stainless steel straw
  • Me serving up an enormous WFPB spread on tables in the backyard, impeccably set with white linens and purposely mismatched china, while my entire family beams proudly at my mastery of this life
  • Me blowing on a dandelion head that’s gone to seed
  • My dog wearing a neckerchief
  • Me in a garden wearing immaculate rubber boots that cost two hundred dollars
  • A butternut squash

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