a quick rant

This morning, someone I like a lot in real life shared this on Facebook:

This person shares a lot of punny jokes and cute memes and, other than a bit of police worship I don’t agree with, would never purposely insult or hurt anyone. But this one, this stupid meme, has bugged me all day. I started to leave a comment on the post, then changed my mind and deleted it because (1) I don’t want to hurt this person by embarrassing them in front of their FB friends and (2) I’m not in the mood for a bunch of dudes to tell me I need to lighten up.

But because this is my space and I can say what I want and no dudes would be caught dead here, this is what I want to say:

-Criticising younger generations for not being as ‘good’ as us olds is lazy comedy.

-I don’t know the story behind these photos (and I’ll bet the person who made the meme doesn’t either), but chances are they were taken at a protest of some sort, where the point is to, you know, protest. Maybe they were protesting a Black paramedic being shot to death in her own home with zero consequences for her police officer killers. Maybe they were protesting children being snatched away from their parents at the Mexico/US border or protesting the fact that a racist, sexist reality show creep is authorising secret forces to beat up, tear gas and abduct people on American streets. But suggesting that these women are spoiled brats, screaming their heads off all the time about nothing is ridiculous.

-Speaking of women, have another look at the photos. Funny how it isn’t men being called out for this supposed bad behaviour. But women, no, women need to shut up, sit down and do what they’re told, right? How dare they open their mouths? How dare they have opinions?

-If I created a meme featuring a group of older, rich, ‘respectable’ white men totally losing it (and this would be so easy to do) with a snarky comment about how these raging grandpa-babies need a diaper change, would you share that, too? Or would that be (gasp) rude? Continually crapping all over young people for not showing enough respect seems like a poor strategy for ever gaining it, wouldn’t you say?

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