Halloween 2011

Has it already been three weeks since Halloween? What’s that? It’s been more than three weeks?


Then I guess it’s too late to show you this:

Here’s Anna as The Most Familiar Sight in Nova Scotia. She even made the sign herself — with a little help from her Dad. Pretty good, huh?

Is it too late to show you this?

This is Foster as Captain Rex (from Star Wars, duh) in a costume made entirely by Foster and me his father. It’s amazing what I they can do with some cardboard and an x-acto knife.

So it’s definitely too late to show you this:

Charlotte’s starring turn in Anne of Green Gables: The Musical in ten years is a given, wouldn’t you say? The Boy Wonder No! I made the braids—me me me, not Whatshisname who tries to hog all the glory—and even went the extra mile to turn them into a hat so that (1) it would provide some warmth under the straw hat during trick-or-treating and (2) could be worn on its own for the rest of the winter. Genius, I know. I only mention it so you can see how humble I am about it. My genius, I mean.

I went as A Woman Who Generally Dislikes Halloween, but Walks Around the Neighbourhood With Her Children for Two Hours Anyway and Is Not-So-Secretly Hoping to Be Compensated in Mini Chocolate Bars. No costume required.

all hallows’ eve

So last night was Hallowe’en, which is not my favourite occasion, partly because I don’t enjoy stumbling around the neighbourhood in the dark, but mostly because I object to giving away mini chocolate bars once they are in my possession. My kids, however, insist on being kids and indulging in inconveniences such as having friends, requiring clean clothes, and trick-or-treating. Sigh.

So they dress up like gypsies:

Like Anna, seen here at the far left. She wasn’t impressed by my insistence she wear tights under her skirt, but tough. It was cold here last night. I won’t identify Anna’s friends in case their mothers don’t approve, but fortunately their faces all seem to be either disguised or obscured anyway.

Here’s Foster and Charlotte:

Foster is dressed as Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon – a last-minute costume pulled together when I realized at about 3 pm that the rain wasn’t going to stop and the costume he and The Boy Wonder were carefully creating out of cardboard (Captain Rex from Star Wars) would certainly be ruined. Cardboard + rain = an unhappy boy with a soggy cardboard helmet.  Charlotte is Velma from Scooby-Doo, in an outfit she put together entirely by herself. Pretty good, huh? I LOVE projects that don’t require my assistance.

Despite the rain and cold weather, we had more than twice as many kids as usual. Go figure.

How was your Hallowe’en? Did you play any tricks?